Flowers At The Door lyrics

Flowers At The Door

Music by C Flats

Today I brought you flowers at the door

Same place we met for the last fifty years or more

But today I gotta let you know

I should have done this a long, long time ago

Just wanted you to see

How much you mean to me

And that you are my queen

You are all my dreams

That's what these flowers are for


I'm so glad that you never wanted to leave this farm

And you stayed right here in my arms

I knew you were a country girl right from the start

I could see it in your soul and feel it in your heart

And I'm so glad you're here

How much I love you dear

I've always clearly seen how much you mean to me

That's what these flowers are for


In the waking of the morning you see light so bright

When all those living things all seem so right to me and you

And the day and the night are here to stay

We both know that they'll be back tomorrow


Throughout these years you've never let me go

Everything around here is you

you got me through, you are my life

That's what these flowers are for