Hearts On Fire lyrics

Hearts On Fire

Music by C Flats


I'm under your spell

Like a moth to the flame

It isn't too hard to tell

I hope you're feeling the same

'Cause girl I need you

In all that you are

No imperfections I see

No emotional scars



My hearts on fire (her hearts burning for desire)

I don't know what else to do (and she don't love this fool)

Eternal is the game


She said I was crazy

I called her a fool

She said I'd have to change my ways

Before I swim in your pool

"cause girl you feed my soul

Come swimming with me

Do I need to plead my case, girl

Down on my bended knee


What's wrong with me

I threw at you all my charm, girl

The chase goes on and on and on

I can't go on

Woman, I ain't that strong

It's quite clear to me

You're clearly not into me