Henhouse lyrics


Music by C Flats

Lights out in the henhouse
Usher in the peace
Too quickly comes the dawn
Still a welcome reprieve
Heavy is the heart that bears a leaden load
I hear my inner voice cry

Where did it all go awry
Waving your finger the insults they poison my mind
Love turns to rust
In your love once did trust we were fine
I held you on a pedestal once in time

Been a spell since I've been feeling well
Too many shots to the core
To leave it all behind would be an easy sell
Just can't take it much more
Heavy is the soul that feels an emptiness
I hear my inner voice cry

Work with me woman (can't you see)
Can't you see I'm only human (what do you want from me?)
Reaching in to salvage the wreckage (wreckage of we)
Keep digging in your talons (I'm setting you free)
Heavy is the self alone up on the shelf
I hear my inner voice cry