Lead Rich Hills lyrics

Lead Rich Hills

Music by C Flats

Well I may wear the pants in the family

but it's only 'cause she wears a dress

and I may be the head of the family

but the head has gotta follow the rest

I can't spend a dime the way I'd like to

'cause she says we gotta pay the bills

and I've been banned from my beer supply

since I was naked runnin' through the hills



But I don't let that bring me down

'cause she's a damn sight smarter than me

Well you can blame it on the water in them lead rich hills

and my trailer park family tree


I was never much of a mathematician

so she never lets me balance the books

and I ain't seen hide nor hair of my friends

since she labelled them a bunch of crooks

Well it's on about time I be getting to bed

it's the only thing that makes me frown

'cause she don't make love with me anymore

says it's awkward bein' with a clown