Where Is All The Love lyrics

Where Is All The Love

Music by C Flats


Where is all the love

The love that used to be

Where is all the love

The love that followed peace

What happened in the past

When hate was born

And life had no meaning anymore


Why can't we see what's good and bad

When we look back it's all so sad


Why is there always war

Just look back at history and what do you see

Marching armies on others land

Rape and pillage on command

Dogs of death and weapons to kill

Conquest and conquer to fulfil

Why can't we tell what's right and wrong

Why can't we all just get along


Who are these men of lust and greed

Those blue bloods that thrive while red bloods bleed

They've labelled us commoners what makes them better

If commoners we are they're outnumbered by measure


Blinded by greed and their hunger for power

They reap from the masses fresh slaves by the hour


History's shown us it's always been present

Wicked men rule, good men are peasants


Why can't we look deep in our soul

Why can't we stop digging this hole


Why can't we stop living in hell

Why can't we start doing it now